About Us

In 1995, publisher and editor-in-chief Chris Force founded ALARM Press to share young, contemporary bands with the world outside the independent music scene—welcome, ALARM Magazine. Since then, Force has continued to deliver the unexpected. In 2010, he acted on his passion for edgy, contemporary design and launched Design Bureau magazine. Like ALARM Magazine does for musicians and artists, Design Bureau strives to support designers working across all fields and aims to inspire dialogue on innovative design.

Come 2014, Force introduced modern inspiration for the big day through Modern Weddings, presenting modern weddings, décor and design, beauty and fashion, food and drink options, destinations and locations, and more.

ALARM’s passion in supporting and inspiring creators worldwide is shared by its tireless cast of contributors. With their help, ALARM Press books and magazines now can be found around the world. 

OUR MISSION: To support and inspire creators worldwide.

OUR TEAM: Our team is comprised of creative and determined team players who are passionate about the brand. Offering a forward-thinking environment, we continually focus on delivering the unexpected.